IQF Pepper Strips

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Product Details: IQF - Peppers Strips

Ingredients: Red, Green, Yellow or Mixed Color Peppers

Physical Description
Style of Pack: IQF -Red Peppers Strips. The product is blanched, cut and IQF in accordance with International Foods Standard
Size: 7mm X 5mm
- 19-35 mm length – 50%
- ≥35mm length – 15% max
- ≤19mm length – 35% max with < 6.5mm length – 5% max
- 7 mm width – 85% min.
- >9mm width – 10% max
- <5 mm width – 5% max

Colour: The peppers should appear red, green or yellow, with slight variations natural to peppers. 
Odour/Flavor: Normal, typical flavors of Peppers; free from any odours / flavors foreign to product.
Texture: Reasonably firm, characteristic of product.(not fiberous)  
Foreign Material: None
Defects: All defects are based on a  454g samples
- Major Blemish - < 5 units (>6mm- 10 mm)
- Minor Blemish: 8-10 units max.
- Colour Variation - < 5% by weight
- Extraneous Vegetable Matter (Hearts, leaves) - <0.5% by wt
- Seeds< 10 seeds
- Clumps: <5% by weight 
- Net Weight: 10 kg
Microbiological Guidelines
Total Plate Count: Max 10,000 UFG/G
Total Coliforms: Max 100 NMP/G
E. coli: < 1UFC/G
Salmonella: negative/25g
Listeria: negative/25g
Mould and Yeast: <100 UFC/G

Regulatory Compliance
Product guaranteed to comply with all applicable requirements, including International Processed Products Regulations, the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations, and the Consumer Packaging and Labeling Regulations.  

Shelf Life: 18 months at optimal storage conditions (minimum -18°C).

Food Service Packaging & Labeling
Inner Container: Plastic bag (blue) - food grade 
Master Case: Cardboard box
Label: Paper Label

Retail Packaging & Labeling
Inner Container: Plastic bag (transparent with label) – food grade
Master Case: Cardboard box
Label: Paper label on the cardboard box

Storage Conditions
Cold Storage: minimum -18°C , Dry environment.
Coding: Code permanently marked on container indicating Product name; produce code, establishment number (if applicable) and allergen details.