Stuffed Vine Leaves

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General Features Ingredients: Onion, vine leaves, rice, vegetable oil, salt, citric acid, dill, mint, black pepper Physicochemical Characteristics Container Size: 2,00 Kg tin plate tin as shown Net Weight: 2000 grams Drained Weight: 1950 grams Acidity: 0,32-0,64% PH: 3.4 – 3.8 after incubation. Color: Special to product. Taste & Odor: Special to products, No foreign taste and odor Appearance: Stuffs with near sizes Cooking State: Cooked enough. Not raw, not semi-cooked, not burned, not burst, not mashed Vine Leaves: With enough size (13 cm – 20 cm) Conditions of Cans: Not damaged, not blown up, swollen (no inflation), no deformation in hermetical properties (no leakage), not rusty Foreign Material: None Filling Ratio: Minimum 90 % Drained Weight Ratio: 2/1 Kg can: Minimum 85 % Amount of Oil: Minimum 4 % (g/g) Salt: Maximum 1,8 % (g/g) Stuff Number in package: 2/1 kg can; 60 – 62 pieces Incubation Test: At 55°C there should be no leakage or swelling after 10 days incubation. There should be no sign for color or odor spoilage. The ph difference between before and after the incubation should not be more than 0,5. Lead: Maximum 1 mg/kg Tin: Maximum 250 mg/kg Iron: Maximum 15mg/kg Allergen: None Allergen in production line: None Allergen in factory: Gluten GMO ingredients: None NUTRITIONAL FACTS (Amount per 134 g of the product) Calories: 220 kcal Total Fat: 15g Fiber: 4 g Protein: 3,0 g Saturated Fat: 1,5 g Vitamin: 28% Carbohydrates 19 of these Calcium: 3% Vitamin C: 5% Sugars: n/a Sodium: 780 mg Iron: 0 m These values colud be changed depending on the changes of the neutrality of the product. STORAGE Product, unless it had been opened, can be stored at room temperature (25°C) in a dry and clean place away from direct sunlight and heat. After opening, it must be kept in refrigerator. Best before end date is 2 years from production date.