Red Kidney Beans

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Ingredients: Red Kidney Beans, water, salt

Physicochemical Characteristics
Container Size: 3 kg tin plate tin
Vacuum: -10 cm of mercury minimum
Headspace: Less Than % 7 of the inside height of the tin.
Net Weight: 3000 grams
Drained Weight: 1900 grams
pH: From 5,50 to 6,00 at 20° of a different consistency.
Color: Uniform intense red with no light spot parts with a tolerance of  of the product not belonging to this category.
Texture: Firm and pleasant with a % 20 of a different consistency.
Flavor and odor: Pleasant and typical.
Kernel Characteristics: regular
Broken Kernels: < 10 % on drained weight
Damaged Kernels: < 10 % on drained weight
Spot Kernels: abt 5 per 100 g drained
Musty Kernels: none
Skins: < nr 10 on 100 g product
Stones / foreign bodies: absent
Smell: characteristic
Taste: pleasant
Consistence: soft but firm

MICROBIOLOGICAL FEATURES (Term Test – 7 days at 55°)
This product is commercially sterile, which means, that microorganisms with the ability to cause food intoxication have been eliminated and altering germs have been reduced to a commercially acceptable level.

NUTRITIONAL FACTS (Amount per 100 g of the product)
Calories: 70 kcal
Fat: 0,3 g of each
Fiber: 5,8 g
Protein: 5,8 g
Saturated Fat: < 0,3 g
Vitamin A: 0 μg (%0 CDR)
Carbohydrates: 8,1 g of these
Calcium: 60 mg
Vitamin C: 5 mg ($ CDR)
Sugars: n/a
Sodium: 0,35 g
Iron: 3 mg
These values could be changed depending on the changes of the originality of the product.

Product, unless it had been opened, can be stored at room temperature in a dry and clean place away from direct sunlight and heat. Best before end date is 3 years from production date.